Somebody’s Watching

“Shall we invite her to watch?” my Master messaged me during chat. The discussion had turned to one of the members well known love of voyuerism and He wanted to invite her to watch us play. Multiple partners, sharing of any type, watching or being watched were all things i had never done and honestly had no desire to do. They were not hard limits, but neither were they things my Master could order me to do. Our contract left the decision to me and He waited for my answer. ”Sure Master” i answered.


The invitation was made and excitedly received by vixen. She would need permission from her master, and once received, we could work out the details. My Master was very excited and began discussing ideas for our play session immediately. Since we are long distance and play via webcam, our options were limited. However, my Master was planning to visit me in a few weeks, and since timing had yet to work out to do our scene with vixen, i asked if we should wait and do the scene while He was here. He loved the idea and it opened up a lot more options when it came to the scene. It also opened me up to a lot more vulnerability. If i was nervous before, i was terrified now.

No Where To Hide

I hate my body. I know that’s not earth shattering news. Ask 100 women and 99 of them will probably dislike something about their body. Since i was 10 years old i have gained and lost weight, hundreds of pounds, leaving behind stretch marks, sagging breasts, and a disfigured stomach. A vertical C-Section scar completes the look. I have no desire to show this body to anyone, but i do. I wear confidence like a costume, using it to disguise the disgust i feel inside. I share photos of myself, but they are chosen carefully. The position and angle, the clothing or rope, the cropping are all designed to hide the sagging, the double stomach, the fat. But there would be no hiding this time. I would be stripped bare.


My Master made it clear that doing this scene was entirely up to me and that if it would have a negative impact on my friendship with vixen, we would not do it. It was also very clear that He wanted to do the scene very much. I assured Him it was fine. But as we talked through ideas and plans, insecurity began to run rampant in my mind. Why did He want this so badly? Vixen craved pain and i hated it; would He be picturing her in His mind, wishing she were there instead of me? Was He trying to humiliate me? Why else would He want someone else to see my body?

I knew none of this was true, that it was only my doubts and insecurities putting the thoughts in my head. Throughout the process my Master and i talked, and He did His best to reassure me. He never told me His plans, but we discussed what i might like to do and what i would be comfortable doing, as well as what i thought vixen might like to see. And He always made it clear that it was my choice, that i could say no at any time.

The First Time

The morning that we planned the play, my neighbor knocked on my door over, hung over or maybe still drunk. He had broken up with his boyfriend the night before and needed to talk. We talked, did a few shots, and when he left, i took a little nap on the sofa. Ok, i passed out. My Master woke me, asking if i wanted to reschedule our play, but i wanted to go ahead. No way did i want more agony of anticipation. So we went into the play room, and i called vixen. After a brief chat, she covered her camera, and my Master took over. He started me slowly, with my submissive affirmation. I honestly don’t remember a lot, i was terrified, and i kept my focus on my Master. I was soon able to forget about the camera and concentrate only on what He was doing to me. My arms were suspended from a hook in the ceiling and there was a spreader bar between my ankles. He brought me to climax several times, and while i did not safeword, i did ask for no more. Climaxing while standing spread with arms tied over head is hard! lol

My Thoughts Afterwards

I had done it and i had survived. My Master was happy and vixen was happy, and as hard as it was, it wasn’t as bad as i had anticipated. The shots with my neighbor may have helped. One outcome that made me especially happy was that someone was able to witness my Master with me, and see His kindness and the care He takes with me. My Master is a sadist and He plays cruelly, but He is always conscious of how i am. He checks with me constantly during play. One indication of discomfort from the ropes and He is readjusting them. He supports my arms when releasing then from overhead. He holds me and gently lowers me onto the stool after releasing me from the spreader bar. It made my heart happy that vixen was able to witness this side of my CruelPuppetMaster.

The Second Time

The second time we played for vixen was much easier. For one, i had already done it once, so there was nothing left she had not seen. And two, i would be laying on my stomach, a much less visible and more comfortable position. This was a scene for her birthday, and was very different from the first one. My Master wrote on my back in candle wax, then brought me to climax with a glass dildo we had bought to send to vixen. Then i received birthday spankings for her. It was a very lighthearted and fun scene, with me laughing as i counted off the birthday swats.

Final Thoughts

Was this something that i enjoyed? Would i do it again? I won’t say it was horrible and the second time for vixen’s birthday was actually fun. It made two people i care about very happy and it made my Master proud of me. His pleasure is my greatest joy, so while i may not enjoy it for myself, i enjoy it for Him, and would, without hesitation, do it for Him again.

Vixen’s Thoughts

Vixen was kind enough to write about her experience and feelings watching our play. I have not read what she wrote, as i did not want it to affect my own feelings. i am pasting it in exactly as she wrote it. (One note: vixen mentions the second time she watched us play was a recorded session we sent to her. I had completely forgotten about this until i read her piece. This was a pain play session for my Master that He recorded and we later decided to share with vixen. I have not included it in my account as it was not a live viewing and did not elicit the same feelings of apprehension from me. So what i refer to as ”The Second Time” is what vixen refers to as the third.) Thank you vix for sharing this!

Hello everyone, I am Vixen Lee and I am here to share my view on watching CPM as he played with his sub CSP. I am a voyeur, who finds satisfaction from seeing submissives. It isn’t that I don’t care to see a Dom but it is in the submissive I find my passion. I struggle with my own self-image and find that through watching other subs I can see the beauty we all are, which includes myself. It is empowering, in my opinion, to see how we give ourselves to our Doms and the way we hold ourselves. We are strong passionate individuals who should be cherished and admired. All of us regardless of sex…

  That first viewing was so special as it was my first time not controlling the scene. I had previously watch a sub that I told what to do. I was able to take it all in as CPM was visiting his CSP. I can only assume CSP was nervous, as it was her first time being viewed. Once we were both connected the playing began. CSP is so beautiful and CPM made sure that she was fully visible to me. He tied her wrists to a bar which hung from the ceiling and that left her defenseless but no fear showed through. She had total trust in her Master and it radiated off of her. He used a spreader for her feet too, which left her totally open and easily accessible. Oh, I could never fully explain how this made me feel. I wondered how a Dom holds their composure once we are bound and at their mercy? He asked her many questions about her posture, about her safe word and how the restraints felt to her. CPM was not going to leave his sub in an uncomfortable vulnerable position. Now please keep in mind that as her Master he could have but he chose to ensure she was good and I respect him for doing so. He then began play by pinching her nipples then taking rope to create a chest harness and bound her breast. One thing CPM did that I enjoyed was talking the process out to both of us. He constantly checked in with CSP as he went along but spoke aloud what he was doing for my knowledge. Once the harness was set and tied off, he put in place her cock gag and brought out the flogger and began to striker her gently at first. He struck her back, thighs, ass and clit. He slow let the intensity of the strikes grow. What was to follow was a vibrating toy to play with her and tease her. I loved how he ran his hand along her breast, her sides, the inside of her thighs and would spank her ass while building her up. He could sense she was ready and read her body well. Once permission to cum was given CSP was a very loud and satisfied submissive.

  My second viewing of them was a little different. It came in the form of a video and was not live. CSP wanted to share her growth in accepting pain with me and I was honored. She asked if it would be okay and I received permission from Master James. On this video CSP clip pegs to her nipples which where attached to a string that when up on these straps from her door frame down to wrist straps that she then put on. She was to hold still as any movement of her arms pulled the pegs which then tugged on her nipples. She was so beautiful in following orders, withstanding the pain and pleasuring her Master. My words here do no justice to actually seeing these things done. I am just so mesmerized by the obedience and surrendering of the submissive. We are not weak, as many will think we are. We are resilient, strong, erotic and powerful.   

  The third time I was granted permission to watch CPM with CSP was my birthday. I hope I can give this day justice in describing it. We started with a greeting and then CSP quickly got into position for CPM. She arranged herself on the bed and CPM tied her limps to the four post bed. He then took two candles, one hotter than the other, to write Happy Birthday on her back. Oh it was glorious to see how it burned and yet she trusted him to continue on. Why? Because she knows she will always be well cared for. She then tilted so that I could get a good view of the message written and I was honored. After the candle play she was positioned a bit differently lifting her ass in the air. This was so she could receive a birthday spanking on my behalf. CPM spanker CSP and she counted with each strike. Following the spanking CSP was rewarded with pleasure play. CPM brought out a lovely red and clear dildo to use on her until she orgasmed, after which she was to clean off with her mouth. She looked so sexy doing so and I found it hard to not touch and sit still. Now the last part of this day was my favorite. That dildo was sent to me as a gift and remembrance of this viewing. I will cherish both the memory of that day and the gift I was sent.   

  So what do I get from this? I love to observe and have a desperate desire to be there and touch, while knowing I can’t. This heightens my sexual nature and brings fort my desire to please. I enjoy the feel of the body becoming tense, my heart racing, my breathing as it becomes shallow and more rapid. Another aspect of all this is getting a small glimpse into the perspective of the Dom. To see, learn and enjoy how a sub is seen by her Dominant. How their beauty is that of no other in the world. Their obedience, their eager nature to satisfy, their selflessness and trust. Submissives are sexy, vibrant, exceptional and truly the strongest individuals I have ever met. I learn more and more about myself and grow with each sub I meet. Thank you CPM and CSP for giving me the gift of watching. And, Thank you Master James for granting me permission for these viewings…

My Master’s Thoughts

My Master surprised me by offering to contribute to this piece. I am excited to include His thoughts on sharing His slave and forced exhibition. Again, i have pasted this exactly as He wrote it. Thank You Master for taking the time to write this and allowing me to include it.

Hello, I am CruelPuppetMaster and I’d like to offer some thoughts about the appeal of this type of play.

Somewhere around the time we stopped making women cover their hair and body – and sometimes their faces – men discovered they can take pride in the attractiveness of their women, enjoy the public acknowledgemant and praise of their beauty and (especially) sex appeal. We like to show you off.

This may spring from embarrassingly trivial motivations such as vanity, ego, and male competitiveness, but it does exist and we can get quite a thrill from it. Therefore it is another way for you to please your Dom, and you may be required to submit to some level of public or semi-private display. A point that should be spelled out in your Contract.

Additionally, it is an exercise in power, in dominance: the ability to share is, after all, proof of control. “Forced exhibitionism” brings quite a Dom Rush, especially when you go beyond trading pictures and there are (trusted) people watching you actually scene. Now I’m showing off not only my power over her, but also *what a terrifically good slave she is* 

Vixen: “She was so beautiful in following orders, withstanding the pain and pleasuring her Master.”

I love showing off how excellently my SexPuppet submits and dances on her strings for me, both because I am very proud of her and because (smug grin) it reflects rather well on me as her PuppetMaster.

3 responses to “Somebody’s Watching”

  1. One more note: just as it took enormous courage for SexPuppet to scene in front of an audience it was also a difficult challenge for her to write about it, to open herself up even more publicly emotionally than she did physically.

    Is it any wonder that I’m so proud of her and want everyone to see how terrific she is?


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  2. Oh, where to begin? I am so proud of you csp and I just want to hug you. You gave me a great gift of seeing you in your most basic, vulnerable submissive state and you were magnificent. No, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT. I thank you too, CPM, for allowing me to view your submissive and I consider it an honor. To my Master James, I will thank him when we speak. You did such an amazing job writing about it all and showing us all the mixed feelings that come with pushing boundaries. I just simply loved this piece…

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  3. I love the mix of strength and vulnerability, self-doubt and success that you portray! And the addition of the two other voices is a great idea! It suggests you are surrounded and supported in very beautiful ways.

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