The Shower

He stood watching her in the shower, his eyes trying to make out the details of her body through the steam covering the glass. He knew her body well; the swell of her breasts, the curve of her hips. He could see her lips were parted slightly, teasing him.

Her nipples were hard, and he could feel his palms itch with the need to touch them, squeeze them. His body responded to the thought. He followed her hands as they touched each breast, caressing them, the water cascading over her. His cock was in his hand now.

Her hands continued moving lower, slowly, so slowly, down her belly. The anticipation building inside him, his cock hard in his hand, longing to be inside her, watching, watching, as her hands kept moving down until she reached…he groaned as he reached his climax and her eyes flew open.

150 Words

This erotic short story was inspired by submissy’s Saturday Shorts. Click the badge to read her Saturday Shorts.

This blog is my entry for Monochromrotic prompt ”Water”. See who else is sharing pics by clicking on the Badge below.

4 responses to “The Shower”

  1. Great very short story!

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  2. I think it’s an excellent piece, as is she.


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  3. A steamy piece of writing to go with your steamy picture 🔥

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  4. I like the voyeuristic nature of this image and the words go perfectly with it

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